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Haiti 2017

February 27, 2017

Usually when I come home from Hait I really struggle.  The horrible conditions and lack of resources is so devastating and overwhelming.  I come back to my home and question myself.  Why?  Why was I born with all these privileges and opportunities, when there are so many others suffering? The effects that poverty has on this country is beyond anything you can imagine.  This trip was different for me.  This is my third year working with Haitian Roots, an organization that educates kids.  We recently moved from a small 4 room, cinderblock building with no plumbing to larger, much nicer building with plumbing (a huge luxury).  Before leaving for our volunteer trip we did a fundraiser to get the kids and teachers new shirts.  The kids were beyond thrilled to get their new shirts with Haitian Roots Academy printed on them.   We also had a very generous donor donate money to build a much needed class room.  Our hopes are to someday buy the building we are currently renting.  On the last day we were there, I walked around the school watching our teachers as they taught the kids, the kids were so grateful and happy to be learning.  The little bell rang for them to eat lunch and they all migrated outside.  I was taking pictures.  Behind me was the new class room and in front of me was all the kids in their new shirts.  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude.  There is so much work that still needs to be done, but we have come so far and I am so humbled to be apart of it.

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