My Trip to Scotland

January 24, 2018

Traveling.  It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta

My trip to Scotland, was beyond amazing.   The trip was organically planned for my 40th birthday, but the opportunity to get lost came at the most opportune time for me.  I have many passions and deep loves in my life, but traveling the world seems to always fall near the top of my list.  What a beautiful world we live in.  There are so many hidden gems, and untold stories that are waiting to be written.   Scotland had been on my bucket list, and to finally place that long awaited check filled my heart.  Our journey included the exploration of Edinburgh, St Andrews, Inverness, Glascow, and my favorite Isle of Skye, to name a few.  The colors were breathe taking, the country side was charming, the food was delish, and the company was the best part.  Spending time learning about other cultures opens the mind and feeds the soul.

St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland

St Andrews, Scotland

We were in Scotland for a week and wanted to take in as much of the beautiful country sides as we could.  We flew into Edinburgh.  There were 3 couples, so six of us total.  We rented a van and quickly designated our driver (none of us were comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road).  Not only are you driving on the opposite side of the road, the streets are very narrow.  I think we knocked off a mirror on the second day we were there.  There are so much to see, so we had to decide what was worth it for us.  We headed to St Andrews to see the Abbey.  The ruins were beautiful.  This is the town were Prince William and Princess Kate met and attended college.  The town was quant and charming.  We spent time walking around the ruins.  The town was small and we were able to walk a ways down the street and view St Andrews Links – the home of golf and the largest golf course in the UK.  We grabbed some dinner and headed to our first Airbnb. We stayed in Airbnb’s the entire trip.  In my opinion, that was one of the best parts.  Each place we stayed was different and beautiful.  The first night we stayed in a renovated barn, just outside of Inverness.  The first day we were their the sun was shining, my girlfriend and I both made the same observation.  We wanted rain and overcast, for some reason that felt more medieval to us.  The rest of the trip, we got what we wanted.  I wasn’t at all disappointed with the drizzle of rain and gray clouds that engulfed the horizon the rest of our trip.

Hike overlooking Loch Ness


The next couple of days we stayed in an Airbnb near Isle of Skye.  We hiked Old Man Storr, lived in the fantasy of Fairly Glenns, visited castle ruins, discovered lochs (lakes) and explored the awe of the beautiful country.  The windy roads were smothered in a color of green you didn’t know existed.  A majority of us were photographers and made several stops along the way to attempt at capturing the majestic country.  We left before the sun came up and returned after the sun set, joyfully exhausted.

Old Mann Storr, Scotland


Silver Sand Lake, Scotland



Eilean Donau, Scotland



After spending a few days in Isle of Skye we started making our way to Glasgow.  We took a ferry across the lake to Portree.  We worked our way up the coast stopping at Silver Sand Lake, were the beaches glow with white sand.  We stopped at Glennfinnan Viaduct, were the train scene in Harry Potter was filmed. We made another stop at Stirling Castle, learning of William Wallace and other infamous royals.  We final arrived at our next destination in Glasgow and stayed in an old church.  We arrived in time to grab some take out and relax in our Airbnb.  We got up the next day and decided to skip Glasgow and finish up our trip in Edinburgh.  We stayed at a cute little apartment in downtown Edinburgh.  The streets of Edinburgh were excited and fun.  We arose early and explored the charming town, learning of the history of the people and culture.   Little shops lined the cobblestone streets and people rushed to their destinations, oblivious to the drizzle of rain.  We wished we would have had one more day in this fun little town, but alas we had to get home to our responsibilities….BOOO for responsibilities.  With hesitation we ended our dreamy vacation and headed to the airport.

Every time I get the opportunity to travel and see a new place, I find myself repeating, “Oooooohhhh this was my favorite.”  Scotland was truly amazing and the experience it was unreal.


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